Is Zoosk a Good Dating Site? Zoosk Review

Find exciting people with the similar interests


  • Free to register
  • Over 50 million registered users
  • Use the site in 25 different languages
  • Has members in more than 80 countries


  • Membership is required to contact anyone

Zoosk Review

Dating websites are perfect for single people who are having trouble approaching or finding other singles in their area. There are hundreds of dating websites on the internet that help single people find other singles who match their interests and preferences. Some of these websites are free, while others require a one-time fee or subscription fee. For first-timers, it is best to try a free dating website first. is one of the best dating websites for people who want to try online dating for the first time.

Zoosk offers free accounts where users can access the basic features and subscription accounts for users who want additional dating site features. This Zoosk review will discuss the features, fees, and services offered by Zoosk.

What Is Zoosk? is an online dating website with over 50 million users (a.k.a. Zooskers) worldwide. Zoosk is used in over 80 countries and available in over 25 languages. Users can access Zoosk using an internet browser, Facebook, or by downloading the Zoosk app for mobile devices.

Easy to Register and Access

Registration on Zoosk dating site is fast and easy. The free registration process only takes about 15 minutes. After that, users can access the basic features of the website. A popup welcomes new users to the site and then offers the free Zoosk chat program. The chat program is free to use and download, and allows users to chat with other “Zooskers” all over the world.

After the welcome popup, new users will be guided on how to edit their Zoosk profile. Free users can display their name, age, general location, and picture. After completing the profile, new users can see the profiles of other Zooskers that live near them.

Searching for Matches

After completing their profiles, users can start searching for their matches. The search settings such as age, gender, and location can be changed, but Zoosk will always revert to the default settings every time the user logs in. The default search settings depend on the information that the user has entered in his profile.

Unlike other dating websites, users don’t have to search for matches manually every time. When the user logs in, Zoosk automatically searches for matches and displays them on the Search page of the website.

Simple and Easy to Use

One of the reasons that make Zoosk online dating site so popular is that it is simple and easy to use. The user simply needs to fill out his profile and upload a picture. After that, Zoosk will automatically search and display other Zooskers that match the user’s entered profile details. Zoosk also sends a “mutual match” to the user’s email address daily.

The mutual match email contains a Zoosker’s profile with a question asking the user whether or not he or she is interested in the particular Zoosker. If the user answers “Yes”, the user gets a mystery note. The user will need to pay Zoosk coins in order to know who sent the note.

Get Additional Features By Subscribing or Paying with Coins

To gain access to the other features of Zoosk site, the user will need to become a subscriber. The additional features can also be accessed by paying for them using Zoosk coins. These coins can either be purchased with real money or earned by using Zoosk. The user can earn coins for logging in, using the iPhone app, or for liking the Zoosk page on Facebook. Free coins can also be earned by participating in the special offers listed in the Earn Coins page of the website. Some of the additional features that users can purchase with coins are:

  • “Boost” profile so that it appears on top of search results
  • Buy virtual gifts to give to other Zooskers
  • See the people who viewed the user’s profile

These additional features can also be accessed by becoming a subscriber. For users who don’t have the time to earn coins, they can buy Zoosk coins via bank transfer or PayPal. The prices of the coins depend on the country where the user lives. The coins can be purchased in packages of 180, 480, and 1800.

Unique Features of Zoosk site

Zoosk dating service has some unique features that make it one of the most popular dating websites on the internet. As mentioned above, Zoosk connects to Facebook and email programs, allowing users to easily add their friends to Zoosk. Also, Zoosk’s chat program allows users to chat with other Zooskers without having to login to the website. The chat program can be downloaded into a computer or mobile phone.

Membership Fees

Users who do not want to pay with coins can become a Zoosk subscriber and gain access to all of the advanced features of the website. The membership fees vary by country. In the U.S., the one-month subscription fee costs $29.95. The three-month subscription fee costs $19.98 per month ($59.95 total), and the six-month subscription fee costs$12.49 per month ($74.95 total). Users can pay for the subscription fee via check money transfer, credit card, or PayPal.


Overall, Zoosk is a fun dating website that is recommended for first-timers who are just getting into online dating. However, the main focus of the website seems to be social networking and casual dating interaction, not serious relationships and compatibility. Zoosk is not recommended for adults who are looking for serious relationships and dating. Zoosk seems more like a social networking site than a site to look for lifetime partners, so most of its users are not interested in serious dating and relationships.

However, Zoosk is a good introduction to the world of online dating. It is a great place to learn how dating sites work and to meet other singles. There are now millions of Zooskers all over the world, so new users won’t have any trouble looking for someone to chat with. Becoming a Zoosk subscriber may not be worth it because there is probably no serious dating or relationships to be found on this website. For first-time online daters, it is best to try Zoosk first and then move on to other dating websites to look for serious relationships.

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