eHarmony Review: Pros & Cons

Find personals with whom you have most in common


  • Large user base with reliable compatibility matching
  • Uses more detailed algorithms than other sites
  • Detailed dating guides


  • Long sign up process
  • One of the expensive dating sites
  • Not for singles looking for casual dates

eHarmony Review

Matchmaking and dating websites are great for people who are looking for singles near their location. There are many dating websites on the internet, but only a few of them are good and offer quality matchmaking services. Most dating websites on the internet are for casual daters and chatters, not for people who are looking for serious relationships. Many dating websites require a subscription fee or membership fee, so users should be careful when choosing a dating website for the first time.

Many users have wasted their money on subscription fees because they were unable to find a match on their chosen dating website. Lack of users and poor matchmaking service are common reasons users were unable to find a match on dating websites. For serious relationships and good matches, new users should go to serious dating websites with a large number of users and good services.

eHarmony Is the Go-To Website for Serious Relationships

eHarmony is one example of a good dating website for serious online daters. It is a popular matchmaking website with thousands of users and good matchmaking services. This website is for users who are looking for serious, long term relationships. eHarmony has some unique features that make it more effective at matchmaking than other dating websites on the internet. This website review will discuss some of the best features and services offered by eHarmony

Scientific Approach to Matchmaking

eHarmony is unique from other dating websites because of its scientific approach to matchmaking. Its matchmaking service is backed by 35 years of empirical and clinical research. As a result, the matches made by eHarmony are more accurate compared to other dating and matchmaking websites. A lot of users who have found a match through eHarmony are very compatible with their partners and had happy, long-term relationships.

Automatic and Accurate Matches

Unlike other dating websites where users need to search for matches manually, eHarmony performs the matches automatically for its users. eHarmony dating website has its own matchmaking system that is based on scientific studies about relationships, love, and compatibility.

The system analyzes the user’s answers during the sign up process and then uses the information to find compatible matches. As a result, the matches have a very high rate of accuracy, and many users are able to find partners whom they are compatible with.

Long Sign Up Process and Free Personality Printout

The sign up process at eHarmony site can take a long time. In fact, the sign up process is about ten times longer than most dating websites. As previously mentioned, the matchmaking system finds compatible matches based on the answers entered by users during the sign up process. As a result, eHarmony requires new users to answer over 400 questions when they sign up. However, the free personality printouts that users receive after the process make it worth the time and effort.

In the personality printout, the user gets some useful relationship advice and tips on the kind of person that he or she would be most compatible with. The sign up process and personality printout are completely free, so it is recommended for new users to sign up and answer the questionnaire even if they don’t plan to use the service extensively.

Unique Features

The most unique feature of eHarmony is their accurate matchmaking system. Unlike other dating websites, it does not have a search engine. It searches for matches automatically even if the user doesn’t do anything. However, some of the first few matches that are made by the matchmaking system may not be accurate. If the user does not like the first match, he simply needs to wait for a while until the system makes another match. Most users were able to get a more compatible match after the second or third try.

The user gets an email every time the system finds compatible matches. If the user is not subscribed to the service, he will also receive emails that offer discounts to use the service. It is best to subscribe to eHarmony online dating site after receiving at least 3 compatible matches. Once a compatible match has been found, new users should wait for a discount email and then sign up using the link inside the message.

The unique features of eHarmony work best for individuals who are serious about finding long term relationships. New users should be patient and wait for eHarmony to find compatible matches. As long as the user is willing to wait and pay for the service, he or she will surely find a great match and a happy long term relationship.

eHarmony has an incredible track record and the internet is full of positive reviews and testimonials about the service. There are many success stories of singles getting happily married because of eHarmony. According to a poll, an average of 90 members of the website get married every day.

Membership Costs

The one thing that most people won’t like about eHarmony service is the membership cost. The subscription fee for one month is a whopping $59.95. The membership costs lower dramatically after being subscribed to the service for 3, 6, and 12 months. The most affordable plan offered by the website is the one-year membership plan that costs $251.40 ($20.95 per month). It is best to wait for a discount email from eHarmony and then use that email to get a discount on the membership cost.


Overall, eHarmony dating site is a great website for finding compatible singles and long term relationships. This service is recommended for users who are tired of the inaccurate matches made by other dating websites. Singles who are looking for a serious, long term relationship should consider signing up on this website.

eHarmony’s matchmaking system is probably the most accurate matchmaking system on the internet today. It is almost guaranteed that new users will be able to find a compatible match using this service. The only thing that may scare people away from the site is the high membership costs. However, if the user is serious about finding a match and willing to pay anything to find someone to love, then eHarmony site is the place to go.

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